elsewhere: trini

There comes a time when one can't take any more fashion blogs. I don't read them anymore, really, and there's nothing more luxurious than not thinking about getting dressed. It's not that I don't care how I look, it's just that I'm not obsessed with buying things.

It's partly to do with being 30, and partly to do with having all the clothes I want, apart from a few bits and pieces I am happy to wait for, to buy slowly. 

But I do have to admit I got excited about reading Trini's posts, right back to the very beginning of her blog, something I haven't done in ages! It made me so excited about making my wardrobe really streamlined and simple and full of only perfect, quality things. It also made me feel much better about dressing in what I sometimes consider a slightly mundane way - black trousers, loafers, striped tops. 

the everyday

Objects in spaces on The Everyday, placing the beautiful pieces stocked in Katie Lockhart's store Everyday Needs in real life homes. 


I like stickers, 90s references and natural skincare. Hello, Glossier. Well done, Emily Weiss. 

do you read me?

A few of my favourite sites about books.

Claire Cotterell's BOOK STAND

The brilliant Book---Shop

The gorgeous Librarian

And, my favourite, Girl Eats Books: I had to rush straight out and by this James Salter book (and can't wait to read it whilst eating a cheese plate, preferably sourced from Le Fromagerie, the best cheese store in London.)

Plus, this - a secret bookstore in a New York apartment, here.  

tripping // mexico city

I mainly just ate in Mexico City. 

reading // magic molly young

When I don't know what book to read next, I just look at writer Molly Young's Tumblr.

Her reviews are short and to the point. She said of one recent read: "Decently entertaining. More interested in the muffin though."

tripping // mexico city

Hola from Mexico! I'm spending the coming week in Mexico City for work and had a dig around a few favourite blogs to create a little itinerary. These are a few of the places I'm looking forward to visiting.


CelesteA concept store that offers unique and unusual objects from around the world, antique, modern and contemporary, including books, music, fossils, jewelry, household items, stationary and office supplies, hats, lingerie, cigars, orchids, fine and rare handcrafts, antiques, contemporary design elements, taxidermy and silver. 

Mercado de Artesanias Ciudadela | The handmade crafts market for me to buy lots and lots of bright bowls and cushion covers and skulls!


Pujol | Contemporary take on traditional Mexican cuisine - this place is a lauded five star spot that does quite delicate versions of the staples we know and love.

Contramar | I read about this spot on Joanna Williams' (wonderful, colorful and inspiring) blog Keep Feeling Fascination. Tuna sashimi and crab tostadas!
El Parnita | Snacky food in Roma: tacos, tortas, tlacoyas, simple and traditional street-style food. Salsas and shrimp tacos sound amazing.
Chocolatería Mamá Sarita | A cozy chocolatería serves delicious traditional mexican hot chocolate in giant steaming natural ceramic mugs. 
Charro | On the ceiling of this bar, dried violets form intricate swirls above cocktail sipping clientele.  Well-executed Mexican cuisine, with a focus on products from Ensenada.


Museo de Antropología | Mexico’s world famous Anthropology Museum is housed in spectacular architecture and contains an enormous collection.

Frida Kahlo's House | The brightly colored home of Frida.
Museo de Artes | Mexico's national modern art museum.


Design Sponge City Guide | Joanna Williams on Mexico City | Fathom Away Guide to Mexico | My Map

inspiration // charlotte rey & duncan campbell

Editors of Acne Paper, makers of stories for luxury and heritage brands - considered, elegant, simple.

And at home in Camden on Freunde Von Freunden

style // penny sage

Sneak peeks of pretty Penny Sage - images from the new Sleepaway collection were shot by Harry Were. More to come...

healthy stuff // apps

The Whole Pantry | A beautifully designed, easy to use app that is filled with recipes for vegan food and drink. It has seasonal updates, a huge list of films and books to inspire healthier living, and guides to particular themes such as yoga, avoiding phone and computer radiation (I say as I write in bed looking at Instagram with a laptop on my stomach). Best of all, it was created by the inspirational Belle Langford, a 26-year old brain cancer survivor, single mother and businesswoman who donates the bulk of the app's profit towards underprivileged cancer sufferers, particularly children. It's a beautiful example of creating a community through social media and inspiring a healthier lifestyle in an achievable way. I love the Indonesian Sababa drink!

Green Kitchen Stories | Stockholm-based David and Luisa are the couple behind this fantastic blog and app (apps plural, actually). Beautifully shot with a simple interface, I always end up on this on the bus home working out what to make for dinner, or in the greengrocer. I regularly make their Kimchi and Spouted Buckwheat Granola. 

Happy Cow | In a new city? This app is the mobile version of the popular Happy Cow website. You can find vegan, vegetarian and organic restaurants and cafes based on your location. It's helped me out so many times when traveling somewhere unfamiliar, as well as finding new places to eat in my own suburb. It's basically FourSquare for hippies. I love it.

Glow | This is a comprehensive health app, which you can sync with your Fitbit or Nike Fuelband. You enter in your most recent period dates, and it will tell you when you're at highest risk of getting pregnant (or likelihood if you are trying for a baby), messages you a few days before your period starts to remind you to buy tampons and to take your vitamins. You can log your mood, amount of exercise, physical symptoms, stress levels, alcohol intake each day and it will spit out ideas for improving health, tells you when you drink too much for your weight per week and so on. It's probably the most helpful for those looking to fall pregnant but it's still really interesting and insightful for those trying to avoid it.

Pocket Yoga | I have been traveling a lot for work and this has been making it a lot easier. I use it on my iPad. It's best used with your own music programmed in or there will be a lot of panpipes. You can set your fitness level, time of class and style (relaxing, stretching etc). Click go and it's your own personal audio yoga class with demonstrated moves! The interface is a bit early 1990s computer game, but for 2 pounds it is incredible. Basically, if you can do yoga in your underwear, in your bedroom a minute after getting out of bed there aren't many excuses left. Namaste.

Think Dirty | Incredible. You can scan the barcodes of up to 500,000 cosmetic and skincare products and get an instant rating of how allergenic, how carcinogenic and how much impact the product it has on your reproductive health. My Chanel foundation, Aesop face cleanser and shampoo are all CODE RED. It's worth checking through everything as there are some surprises (Aesop especially) and I think my new goal is to slowly segue over to entirely "clean" products. I have been so careful with my deodorant and body oils, but I now need to do that to my make up bag too. 

I have included my Nike Running app and Simply Being in this screengrab but I have never used either of them. I also really like HeadSpace, another meditation app that seems to have disappeared off my iPhone.

I never cease to be amazed that we can have so much information at our fingertips for no or very little cost and in such an easy to use format. Thanks app makers!

Which health apps do you use?